Fred Brown Sr.

IFPC has a rich heritage, starting with founder Fred Brown Sr.

Happiness is not a philosophy at IFPC, it’s a way of life. And it all started with Fred Brown Sr.

Just back from his service in the Air Force in 1962, Fred took over for his father to run two companies – United Bag Company, and International Distributing Corporation (IDC).

Fred not only became an excellent businessman during this period, he added college to his busy work and family schedule and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis. People were always his focus.

Through hard work, instinct, and an appetite for taking smart risks, Fred put Untied Bag and IDC on a solid path of growth, and in 1974 was able to purchase IDC.

That was the start of an enterprise that would eventually become IFPC. Fred’s initiative, optimism, and vision gave him the confidence and skills to become a business leader, but his affable personality and warm smile have made him a favorite among employees, business partners and clients for decades.

In his own humble way, Fred simply credits the people at IFPC for the company’s success, and the fact IFPC has grown by “…seeing opportunities in the problems our suppliers or customers had, and finding solutions for them.”

“Happiness is contagious.”

-Fred Brown Sr.

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