Ingredient Technology & Applications

IFPC's In-House
Research and Development Team

We're dedicated to innovative solutions that enhance the taste, texture, and nutrition of food & beverage products.

From new product development, product reformulation, sensory evaluation, and beyond, our IT&A team leverage their food science expertise and methodologies to develop solutions that deliver exceptional taste, texture, functionality, and nutritional benefits.

Our dedicated team of food scientists collaborates closely with manufacturers, leveraging a blend of food science, culinary arts, and market insights to help them produce commercially viable products that meet consumer trends and industry standards.

Our Experience

175 years of experience

Full staff of food scientists & chemists + certified dietician

300+ projects per year

Innovative equipment -
RVA, Colorimeter, MicroThermics

What drives customers to choose IFPC and our committed team of food scientists?


Our vendor relationships create access to new ingredients and emerging technology, which in turn creates an edge for our customers as they look for formulation improvements and changes.

We leverage the experience our team has in formulation development to help manufacturers optimize their products through label clean-up, ingredient selection, cost reduction, and supply security.

Developing new, innovative products will differentiate manufacturers in the market and attract new customers. Our team works with decision-makers to evaluate concepts and formulate products to grow business.

Line extensions allow manufacturers to offer more options to customers while retaining the familiarity of existing brands. We can assist with changes to labels, nutritional targets, or overall product attributes.


Matching Nutritional Requirements

Consumers are looking for more from their food from a nutritional standpoint. Our team can assist manufacturers with achieving added benefits and reduction claims for their products, like reduced/zero sugar.

Changing guidelines and specific nutritional targets can be challenging to navigate. We can assist in developing products that prioritize health without compromising taste or quality.


Support manufacturers in developing products with claims regarding sugar, protein, fiber, and other nutritional components

Assist with achieving various claims such as organic, gluten-free, and Non-GMO


Help fine-tune products to optimize attributes like taste, aroma, texture, and appearance for superior market performance.

Ensure consistency and tight quality control while identifying key improvement areas to enhance consumer perception and market competitiveness.

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