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Technology is driving many aspects of business today.

But it takes a dedicated team of experts that know how to use technology as an innovative tool to give you the best results possible.

This is another way we serve as an extension to your business. Whether you want to develop a new product, improve an existing product, change an existing formula or match a favorite formula, our Ingredient Technology & Applications team is ready to partner with you immediately. With over 45 combined years of experience in product development, troubleshooting, sourcing, and testing, they know how to help you meet any goal, no matter how big the challenge.

Why customers choose to work with IFPC and our dedicated team of food scientists.

In a market flooded with choices, certifications serve as beacons of reliability, assuring consumers that the products they choose meet stringent standards of safety, sustainability, and excellence. Whether it’s, gluten-free snacks, ethically sourced cocoa, or non-GMO ingredients, these certifications offer consumers peace of mind, knowing that what they consume aligns with their values and dietary preferences. Our team knows for manufacturers and producers, attaining these certifications is a badge of honor. It showcases their commitment to transparency, responsible practices, and a dedication to delivering exceptional products to their customers. Moreover, certified products gain a competitive edge in the market, earning the loyalty and trust of increasingly discerning consumers.
Our ITA team’s formulation expertise provides a seamless blend of science and creativity to craft unparalleled food and beverage experiences. With a team of seasoned food scientists and cutting-edge research, IFPC empowers businesses to transform ideas into reality, creating delectable, nutritionally balanced, and commercially successful products. Leveraging their deep understanding of flavor profiles, ingredient interactions, and industry trends, experts craft formulations that captivate the taste buds while meeting stringent quality and safety standards. Whether it’s developing healthier alternatives, catering to specific dietary needs, or staying ahead of the ever-changing market demands, our formulation expertise sets the stage for exceptional culinary creations that delight consumers and elevate brands to new heights.
Our ITA team excels in providing assistance with ingredient sourcing, empowering businesses to access premium, sustainable, and ethically-sourced components for their creations. Leveraging an extensive network of suppliers and producers, we navigate the global ingredient market to identify the finest raw materials that align with the product’s specifications and brand values. From verifying certifications such as organic, Fair Trade, and non-GMO to conducting rigorous quality assessments, we ensure that sourced ingredients meet the highest standards of purity and safety. Through this meticulous approach to ingredient sourcing, we not only help businesses secure a competitive edge with exceptional product quality but also enable them to contribute to a more sustainable and socially responsible food and beverage industry.
Our ITA team excels in the realm of matching nutritional requirements in food and beverage products, offering a comprehensive suite of expertise to meet diverse dietary needs and consumer preferences. Leveraging a deep understanding of nutrition science and the latest research, our experts work closely with businesses to develop customized formulations that align with specific nutritional profiles. Whether it’s reducing sodium content, increasing fiber, eliminating allergens, or enhancing micronutrient levels, we tailor solutions that prioritize health without compromising on taste and quality. With a keen eye on industry regulations and global dietary trends, we help ensure that products not only satisfy nutritional standards but also resonate with health-conscious consumers, fostering a strong brand reputation and building lasting consumer loyalty. From concept to creation, our dedication to matching nutritional requirements in food and beverage products sets the stage for a healthier and more enjoyable culinary
We offer invaluable support to obtain packaging claims on food and beverage products, empowering businesses to communicate their product’s unique attributes and benefits effectively. Our experts are well-versed in regulatory guidelines and industry best practices, guiding manufacturers through the complex process of securing accurate and compliant packaging claims. Whether it’s organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, heart-healthy, or eco-friendly labels, we can assist you in meeting packaging claims. By navigating the intricate world of packaging claims, our ITA team enables brands to build consumer trust, enhance market visibility, and gain a competitive edge, ultimately driving success in the dynamic and ever-evolving food and beverage industry.
Leveraging our extensive expertise in food science, culinary arts, and market trends, our ITA team collaborates closely with manufacturers to design and refine product concepts that cater to the evolving tastes and demands of consumers. From conducting feasibility studies and recipe formulation to sensory testing and quality assurance, our experts guide manufacturers throughout the entire product development journey, ensuring that every aspect, from taste and texture to nutritional value and packaging, is meticulously fine-tuned for success. With our support, you can confidently introduce new, exciting, and commercially viable products that not only captivate consumers but also resonate with the industry’s highest standards of excellence.

Innovation is what we do.

You can see it in our client roster that includes everything from names you know, like General Mills, to names you don’t know, like Golden Foods in St. Louis. 

You can also see it in our global list of ingredient suppliers, in our unique blends, in our nationwide network of 15 technically advanced warehouses, and certainly, in our world-class Aviator facility in St. Louis. 

Aviator is a true example of technology and innovation at their finest, not to mention the most dedicated and creative team of experts in the industry. 

We invite you to take an online tour of Aviator right now. Better yet, come see us in person! We’ll take you on a live tour, that’s the only way you can truly experience who we are and what we do. Pick a time, we’ll make it happen.

Ingredient Technology

Our Ingredient Technology & Applications (ITA) experts will assist in helping perfect your next  product. Whether you are looking to formulate a new product or reformulate your current one, utilizing our in-house expertise will expedite your projects from benchtop to production. Understanding various ingredient functionality sets us apart from other suppliers in the industry. Our technical work, together with strategic partnerships, allows us to be an extension of your business.

Our Experience

75 combined years of food science expertise

50 years of ingredient sourcing experience

On-staff dietician

State-of-the-art lab/ MicroThermics® machine

Our Concept Development and Formulation Process

We work closely with your team to develop a custom product that best fits your unique needs.

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