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All the flavor, none of the sugar.

Here are some of the sweeteners we stock:
Brown Rice Syrup
Monk Fruit
Reb A
Reb D
Reb M
Tapioca Syrup

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When your customers are looking for less sugar, we help you find sweet solutions.

Since we started in sugar, it’s only natural that we’ve expanded our expertise to other sweeteners. As customers look to reduce their sugar intake, we’ve expanded our portfolio and introduced sweet alternatives. We know that replacing sugar comes with challenges. Your customers expect sweetness but look for clean labels and fewer calories. We can guide you through the options and find the sugar alternatives that will work best for your products and your customers.

In addition to our distributed sweeteners, we produce our own line of sugar replacement and sugar reduction custom blends – Legacy™SWEET. These propriety blends were developed by our in-house R&D team and are suitable for a variety of food and beverage products. With the vast knowledge our team has and our testing capabilities, our sweetener blends are highly adaptable and can be easily altered to suit your products’ needs.

At IFPC, we’re all about building relationships with our suppliers to secure the best ingredient buys for our customers. We’ll help you keep an eye on market trends and help you determine what sweet ingredients are best for your products.

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