Sales Director Western Team

Jordan Marsh

Jordan is a graduate of University of Missouri, Trulaske College of Business with a degree in finance. Jordan has spent is entire professional career at IFPC in the ingredient distribution space. He began as an inside sales representative. He spent over six years as a territory manager before being promoted to sales manager. Today, he is in charge of the sales team for the western half of the country.

Jordan is a graduate of the Bell Leadership Institute Achievers. During the course, Jordan performed a deep dive into his personality, motivations, and behavior patterns. Jordan is passionate about “personal and professional development of myself and those around me.”

Jordan is a self-confessed “Clark Griswald wannabe.” He loves Christmas lights and decorations and claims to “go all out on decorations every year.”

For IFPC, it is not only about customer satisfaction; we truly care about our customers and their success.

Jordan Marsh

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