IFPC featuring emulsifiers at IBIE

As we quickly approach the 2022 International Baking Industry Expo (IBIE), commercial bakeries across the country are preparing to meet with companies crucial to the industry. One of those company sectors is ingredient suppliers. It is no mystery that there are still supply chain hurdles companies are trying to overcome. Whether it is due to labor shortages, logistical issues, or rising consumer demand, many bakeries are struggling to secure certain ingredients.

If you’re looking to source emulsifiers, look no further than IFPC. This year, we are featuring emulsifiers at IBIE. We will be showcasing them in one of our samples, a cranberry orange muffin. Utilizing Futura Ingredient’s emulsifier portfolio, our R&D team formulated a decadent muffin top sure to wow attendees’ taste buds. The muffin contains Futura’s Ekomul XTND 95 P and Ekolite SL 70 S. Both are manufactured from vegetable-based organic fatty acids and lactic acid. Ekomul XTND 95 P functions as a dough strengthener, volume improver, and softener/anti-staling agent. Ekolite SL 70 S functions as an excellent starch complexing agent.

IFPC featuring emulsifiers at IBIE in their cranberry orange muffins

Both of these products are fully stocked and readily available at our distribution centers across the country. If emulsifiers are one of the reasons you are attending the IBIE show, we can help. Our exclusive partnership with Futura Ingredients made us the sole distributor of their line of products in the U.S.

Stop by our booth – 6757 – or book a meeting with us at the show to learn more about our emulsifier portfolio. You’ll want to try one of our tasty muffins. Oh, and did we forget to mention we will be serving iced coffee alongside them?

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