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Reducing sugar intake is a trend in which it seems consumers are increasingly partaking. For food and beverage manufacturers, when it comes to choosing a sweetener supplier to help either replace or reduce the sugar in a product, it can be overwhelming. Many companies may not know where to start and when they do may find it very overwhelming. There are plenty of sweetener suppliers out there who claim to have the best alternative sweetener options for sugar. So, why choose IFPC?

First, we have our very own 230,000 sq. ft. SQF-certified manufacturing facility – Aviator. This is where all our LegacyTMSWEET blends. Aviator prides itself in its state-of-the-art labs, superior quality control testing and validation, and strict regulatory adherence and allergen control. Many ingredient suppliers use co-manufacturers and 3rd party facilities to produce sweetener blends, not allowing them to control the quality of their products. This could mean food and beverage manufacturers receive sub-par sweetener blends, resulting in the production of sub-par products.

Secondly, we have an in-house research & development team who have decades of experience with developing custom sweetener blends. Removing sugar from products can affect different attributes of products such as viscosity and mouthfeel. The right combination of sweeteners will create a flavor profile that resembles sugar, instead of the bitter, metallic, and lingering aftertastes commonly associated with many high-intensity sweeteners. There are not many ingredient suppliers, if any, that offer a team of R&D scientists to be an extension of a food and beverage manufacturer’s business and assist in product development.

Rachel Stefaniw – R&D Lab Manager

Lastly, it just makes sense to choose IFPC. We have nearly 50 years of experience in the ingredient industry, sweeteners have always been at the forefront. Our family-owned and operated company was founded on sugar when Fred Brown Sr., our founder, and chairman, started selling bags of the oh-so-sweet ingredient. Since then, we have grown to a full-service ingredient supplier offering a vast line of distributed ingredients and custom ingredient blends, with LegacyTMSWEET blends being one of our greatest assets. We have the knowledge of not only the function of sugar in products but have grown into natural and alternative sweetener experts.

So, when it comes to choosing a sweetener supplier, food and beverage manufacturers need to look no further than IFPC. LegacyTMSWEET is a complete assortment of sugar replacement and sugar reduction sweetener blends. Between the expertise of our R&D team, our best-in-class facility Aviator, the long-lasting relationships with industry-leading suppliers, and our “delivering nothing but the best” mentality, we are the sweetener supplier you want to partner with. Get in touch with us today.

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