SupplySide WEST 2022 Recap

SupplySide WEST celebrated its 25-year anniversary bringing together over 1100 exhibitors and 15,000 attendees. Industry professionals came together once again to showcase their latest product innovations, better-for-you ingredients, sustainability efforts, and more. Some of the most innovative products we saw included dumplings in an algae-based wrap, plant-based jerky, and sugar-reduced donut holes. As an ingredient supplier to the industry, we are always on the lookout for the most popular ingredient trends to hit the show. There were 3 that we noticed this year that we cover in our SupplySide WEST 2022 recap.

stevia - sugar reduction -SupplySide WEST
Sugar Reduction

This one should be no surprise. Consumers are consistently looking for ways to reduce their sugar intake by limiting or eliminating it from their diets. Exhibitors across the entire show floor tapped into this trend showcasing sugar-reduced samples including beverages, gummies, baked goods, and more. More often we found that the samples still contained “natural” sugar, but it had been reduced significantly.

pea protein - plant-based protein - SupplySide WEST
Plant-based protein

This category continues to expand with consumers keeping issues such as sustainability and animal welfare top of their minds. Samples at the show included vegan gummies containing a mix of plant proteins and oat creamers which were sampled by multiple exhibitors, including us, at the show. One exhibitor was even handing out samples of oat-stuffed chocolate.

Gummie bears - vitamins - SupplySide WEST

Vitamin & Supplement Ingredients

As the show states on its website, “SupplySide WEST is the premier gathering of health & nutrition professionals.” Therefore it attracts a large audience of supplement manufacturers. Exhibitors sampled vegetarian jelly beans, apple cider vinegar gummies, “eye care” gummies, and more. Postbiotics were something new to hit the show floor this year, marketed to help support the immunity system and the gut microbiome.

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