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Fine Ingredients

Ingredients that open the door to innovation.

Here are some of the fine ingredients we stock:
Preservatives & Antioxidants
Vitamins & Minerals
Anti-Caking & Flow Aids
Chelating Agents
Gums & Hydrocolloids

For a complete list,
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Fine ingredients make innovative products possible.

When it comes to fine ingredients, our team of experts have over 75 years of combined category experience. With extensive market and ingredient knowledge, we can solve even your biggest ingredient challenges in no time.

Fine ingredients connect chemistry to our food—having a partner with experience can make all the difference. We know what formulas work and which ones don’t. Our food scientists are among the best in the business and understand how ingredients work together in different applications.

At IFPC, we supply you with more than ingredients—we share market insights and expertise to help you make amazing products.

See why we’re the fine ingredient experts.