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Fibers & Proteins

Bringing numerous health benefits to your products.

Here are some of the fibers & proteins we stock:
Chicory Root Fiber
Citrus Fiber
Dairy-Based Proteins
Insoluble Fibers
Plant-Based Proteins
Pulse Concentrates, Isolates, & Flours
Soluble Fibers
Soluble Corn Fibers

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We’ve found the best fiber and protein suppliers. And we’re bringing them to you.

Over the years, we’ve built a team of experts and food scientists that not only work with suppliers to source the best ingredients, but they also help our partners determine which ingredients are best for their products.

We’ve watched the market grow and change—we have seen customers become more interested in digestive health and products made with fibers and proteins. From weight management to energy balance, these ingredients come with numerous health benefits when added to your products.

We’ll work with you—sharing market insights and ingredient knowledge—to find the solution that’s best for your customers.

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