Director Ingredient Technology & Applications

Jenn Adams

Jenn fast-tracked a biology degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia, in just three years. She joined Nestle Purina Analytical Labs right out of school, where she worked in both the microbiology and organic chemistry labs, which included everything from protein analysis on HPLC to working with liquid nitrogen (she’s not only brave, it was her favorite part of the job).

She then joined Dupont/Solae, where she worked on protein beverages and protein bar product development to support marketing efforts of soy protein, and later moved to a special team in charge of patents and applications for novel proteins. Jenn actually holds a patent of her own for that effort. She moved on to Brenntag as a food specialist, calling on the entire food and pet food industry – Schreiber, DFA, DariConcepts, AFB and Hampshire Pet Foods.

Jenn is proud of the fact she was, in her own words, “Exposed to the entire food chain from egg to chicken nugget.” Jenn is now part of IFPC, where she helped grow chemical distribution, before moving to business development, and finally, Director of IT&A. IFPC was originally one of her customers when she was at Brenntag, so the relationship between Jenn and IFPC dates back more than 10 years. Impressive.

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Jenn Adams

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