Dairy Innovation

From in your cereal at breakfast, to a glass alongside your dinner, milk has been a staple drink to so many families. It has provided kids a healthy option at school, providing the vitamins and nutrients they need. It has been linked to preventing osteoporosis and bone fractures. Plus, it is a healthy source of protein. Now, dairy milk has competition. More and more plant-based alternatives like almond milk and soy milk are being launched. Therefore dairy companies need to focus on innovation.

Just like many other products, consumers are seeking “natural” dairy drinks. They want a product that they can feel “proud” of drinking. The rising interest in organic and all-natural drinks is pushing manufacturers to ditch artificial ingredients and hormone use. Dairy drink launches have witnessed a rise with these claims.

North America dairy drink launches by share of hormone-free, organic and GMO-free claims.
Source: Mintel GNPD

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the wellness benefits of having a healthy gut. The positive effects of bacteria on immunity and digestion are health issues that have entered mass consumer understanding. Probiotic drinks like kombucha are growing in popularity, and this has impacted approaches to dairy innovation. According to market research by Mintel, as many as 43% of US yogurt drink users identify high probiotic content as an important attribute when buying yogurt drinks. Furthermore, 44% agree that they choose yogurt drinks that are good for digestive health, illustrating ongoing opportunities to innovate around gut health ingredients

North America yogurt drink launches, by share of probiotic and prebiotic claims.
Source: Mintel GNPD

IFPC can assist you in dairy innovation. We supply dairies with natural ingredients like organic and GMO-free cocoa powders. Therefore, companies can use all-natural claims on their products. We also produce best-in-class stabilizer systems for a variety of applications under our Dairy House® brand. When brands are seeking healthier dairy product formulation, like adding prebiotics or probiotics, they need targeted stabilizer blends to keep product qualities in line. And they need suppliers that know how to build blends that make better-for-you products even better. So how can we help you perfect your next product? Get in touch with us today.

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