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Flours & Starches

Realizing the power of starch and flour.

Pic of corn starch
Here are some of the flours and starches we stock:
Ancient Grain Flours
Corn Products
Modified Starches
Native Starches
Pulse Flours
Rice Flours
Rye Flours
Specialty Flours
Wheat Flours

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As trends and dietary needs grow—so do customer expectations. We help you exceed them.

For many years, we’ve specialized in sourcing the highest quality wheat flours. But as we’ve watched the market change—we’ve made changes to our products, too. We saw the need to expand beyond traditional offerings and provide a range of grain-free pulse flours and alternative starch options.

Today, we’ve established strong relationships with suppliers specializing in starches and flours of the highest quality. Our category leaders watch the market—collecting insights and watching trends—to keep you informed and in front of the competition.

We want to help you create the products that your families—and ours—enjoy. That’s why we put your needs first. As your ingredient partner, we work hard to provide the best insights, expertise and prices.

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See why we’re the flour and starch experts.