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About Us

Building a legacy of trust.

Although ingredients are our business, IFPC is truly all about the people; our customers, our teammates, and our suppliers. We always put our customers first, ensure a happy and safe work environment for our teammates, and have built strong relationships with world-class suppliers, so we’re always providing you with the best. From our highly dedicated and passionate sales, customer service, and sales support teams, to our research and development, quality, purchasing, and transportation teams, we are dedicated to ensuring the success of our customers.

At IFPC, we’ve been in the ingredient business for a long time. Over the last two generations, our family-owned company has grown from a sugar supplier to a one-stop ingredient shop. We partner with companies in the dairy, food and beverage manufacturing, and foodservice industries; supplying quality ingredients, creating custom solutions, and providing expert advice. Our goal is to help you create the best products for your customers to ensure your business is successful.

Located in the heart of the U.S. in St. Louis, MO is our 230,000 sq. ft. world-class manufacturing facility, and just one of our 14 distribution centers located across the U.S. Whether you’re developing a new product, changing your recipe, or simplifying your process, we can supply you with expertly formulated ingredient blends. From sweetener blends and plant-based beverage systems to stabilizer and hydrocolloid blends, our in-house R&D experts will work closely with you and your team to create the solutions you need. Utilizing our custom ingredient blends can save you valuable time in the purchasing and production process.

To ensure the most competitive pricing, our in-house experts keep a close eye on the commodity markets so we can always inform you when it’s the right time to buy. We also share our intel in the form of a Daily Market Report, sent out to all of our customers every morning to keep you informed on what is happening in the marketplace. In this report, you will receive daily updates on macroeconomic news and weather, swings in the commodity markets, price outlooks, and trends.

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