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Non-GMO, Organic, All-Natural

Make the changes your customers want to see.

Here are some of the ingredients we stock:
Cocoa & Flavorings
Fine Ingredients
Oils & Shortenings
Sugars & Sweeteners
Stabilizers & Starches

For a complete list,
get in touch.

Your customers are looking for non-GMO, organic, all-natural products. We can help you create them.

We’ve nurtured long-term relationships with a range of suppliers, allowing us to source alternative products for partners choosing to improve their nutritional label.

Today, customers care about ingredients more than ever. They’re avoiding artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and sweeteners, and are looking for natural alternatives. As market demands change and evolve, label claims requirements do, too.

We can help you stay in front of the demand and meet those requirements. We offer non-GMO, organic, and all-natural options in a variety of our products. Plus, we’ll work with you, sharing insights and knowledge to help you create the kinds of products that your customers are looking for.

See why we’re the ingredient experts.