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Clean Label

The natural fit for your clean label needs.

Here are some of the clean label ingredients we stock:
Egg Replacements
Fat Replacements
Functional Flours
Mineral Fortification
Native Starches
Natural Syrups
Natural Preservatives
Natural Colors
Non-Artificial High Intensity Sweeteners
Phosphate Replacements
Pulse Proteins & Flours

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We’ve built relationships with a range of suppliers to bring you the most innovative ingredients.

When you’re looking to improve your nutritional label, we can supply you with alternative products that don’t compromise taste or flavor. With over 50 years of combined category management experience, we have expansive market knowledge and understand what your customers are looking for.

As the demand for clean label products has grown, we’ve seen the challenges that come with replacing traditional ingredients with clean alternatives. Our experienced in-house R&D team is happy to assist you with this ever-changing trend.  We can help you find the right ingredients and create a seamless transition from your current ingredient list to your new clean one.

See why we’re the clean label ingredient experts.