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Our Legacy™SWEET products:
Sucralose Products
Legacy™SWEET Sucralose 9908
Legacy™SWEET Sucralose 9975
Sugar Replacement Blends
Legacy™SWEET SP 9704
Legacy™SWEET SP 9706
Legacy™SWEET SP 9708
Sugar Reduction Blends
Legacy™SWEET SR Plus 9522
Legacy™SWEET Sugar Plus 9525

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Since 1974, we have been supplying food and beverage companies with the sweet solutions they need.

As consumers have become more informed and knowledgeable about value and health, manufacturers are being challenged to meet their demands. That means producing products with clean labels, fewer calories, and less sugar – whilst maintaining that oh-so-sweet taste. With natural sweeteners such as monk fruit, stevia, sucralose, and erythritol we have developed a line of proprietary blends suitable for products across all industries produced at our best-in-class manufacturing facility, Aviator.

We offer a complete assortment of sweetener systems, including sucralose, sugar replacers, and sugar reducers, that are adaptable to virtually all products. The unique and most beneficial part about the Legacy™SWEET line is the products may be easily converted into a custom blend made solely for our customers’ products. IFPC’s R&D team is experts at blending sweeteners to create the perfect harmony using flavors and texturizers in combination with sweeteners to produce the most appealing taste.

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