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Ingredient Blends

Our R&D experts can create the perfect blend for your product.

Here are some of our blending capabilities:
Cocoa Blends
Ingredient Pre-Blends
Fortification Systems
Plant-Based Beverage Systems
Ready-to-Eat Products
Hot Cocoa Mixes
Meal Replacement Powders
Ready To Mix Powders
Sweetener Systems
Sugar Replacement
All Natural
Stabilizer Systems
Flavor Systems

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We blend high quality ingredients to get your mix just right.

Ingredient blends can save valuable time in the purchasing and production process. Whether you’re changing your recipe or simplifying your process, we can supply you with expertly formulated ingredient blends.

Alongside our Legacy™  and Dairy House® branded products, we have the capability to create ingredient blends custom to our customers’ needs. Our in-house R&D experts work closely with your team to create the solutions you need. With decades of experience in development, production, and application for the food and beverage industries, our teams are able to take on any ingredient challenge you have. We’re equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as our MicroThermics® unit, which can perform a wide range of indirect heating applications and steam injection to conduct quality assurance and prepare samples.

What custom blend can we create for you?
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Custom Ingredient Blends