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Fats & Oils

Delivering quality where it counts.

Here are some of the fats and oils we stock:
Clear Liquid Fry
Corn Oil
Vegetable Oil
Margarine Products
Olive Oil
Palm Oil
Peanut Oil
Premium Frying Oil
Safflower Oil
Soybean Oil
Sunflower Oil

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Quality begins with your ingredients. When it comes to fats and oils, we have everything you need.

The quality of fats and oils can make all the difference when it comes to creating great-tasting products that stay fresh without additives or artificial preservatives. Over the last decades, we’ve expanded our category expertise to provide a range of products—all at competitive prices.

Whether you’re looking for frying oils or non-GMO and organic options, we’ve built strong relationships with world-class suppliers, so we’re always bringing you the best. Whether you are looking for full truckload or pallet quantities, we offer the most competitive pricing in the industry. Our category managers keep a close eye on the market and work closely with you to identify the right time to buy. We know how important sustainability and traceability are, which is why we’ve built strong relationships with world-class suppliers, always supplying nothing but the best.

At IFPC, your needs are our priority. We don’t just care about moving product, we care about creating sustainable partnerships that last for years and years to come.

See why we’re the fat and oil experts.