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Daily Oil Intel

Supplying you with daily oil market updates.

Vegetable oil pouring
Our oils category manager keeps a close eye on changes and swings in the marketplace.

We strive to provide our customers with the most competitive oil pricing in the industry. With that, we also keep our oil customers up-to-date with the most recent oil market information. This allows them to understand why they may see changes and swings in oil pricing. We know how quickly the oil market can change, which is why we want to provide you with the latest information.

We have a category manager specifically focused on the oil industry. With his expertise and market knowledge, we provide our customers who are interested with a Daily Oil Intel report delivered straight to their inbox every day.

In the Daily Oil Intel report, you will receive highlights on market conditions and how they change from day to day. For example, we provide you with quick highlights from crush reports, open and close market prices, and futures information. All of this data is pulled from credible sources across the internet by our oil category manager every day. Our goal is to save our customers time by sending highlights straight to their inboxes every morning.

View an example of our Daily Oil Intel below.

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