International Food Products is a market leader in commodity food distribution and manufacturing. We offer a wide selection of products for the food, beverage and dairy industries. Here are some highlights:


In business for over 40 years, we have had the privilege of building strong, trusting relationships with sugar suppliers across the world. We’ve also gained a deep understanding of the sugar market’s ups and downs. As a result, sugar customers benefit from our competitive pricing, reliable sourcing and market knowledge, a combination that gives them a distinct competitive advantage.

Chocolate Dairy Powder

What makes our Dairy House® Chocolate Dairy Powder unique? We can custom develop formulas to achieve the precise flavor, color and mouth feel required. Our Research and Development Department takes a hands-on approach to get it right and tailor the end product to your needs.

Dairy House® Stabilizers

Our Dairy House® stabilizing systems enhance and improve the textural attributes of a wide variety of dairy and food products, including sour cream, yogurts, buttermilk, cream cheese, ice creams, frozen desserts and more. Using the finest ingredients, we can custom formulate the stabilizing system you desire, while offering on-site technical support.

Fine Ingredients

International Food Products distributes a broadline portfolio of fine chemicals including acidulants, antioxidants, gums, preservatives, phosphates, processing aids, minerals, sweeteners, salt and more. We respond quickly to meet our customers’ needs and offer both technical and application support.

Dairy House® Vitamins

Our industry experts offer an unmatched depth of experience and knowledge regarding the regulations, food safety, and technical application of vitamins. We offer concentrated forms of vitamins A, D3, A&D3, and E. Our Dairy House® vitamins can be custom formulated in dry or liquid forms to suit multiple concentration levels based on our customers’ individual needs.


We offer competitive oil pricing and advise our customers on the best time to buy. Our large oil portfolio includes soybean oil, clear liquid fry, vegetable oil, canola salad, canola clear, corn oil, peanut oil, creamy liquid fry, palm oil, soy/peanut blend, shortenings, zero trans-fat shortenings, margarine products and various other specialty oils.


To meet the needs of food and beverage manufactures, our line of native starches and specialty starches can help you achieve the precise thickeners and texturizers you need. We are a certified distributor of Ingredion® specialty starches.

Dairy House® Milk Flavors

Chocolate Dairy Powder, Milk Flavors, Eggnog and Chocolate Drink Powders

As a manufacturer of Dairy House® Flavored Milks, we pride ourselves on developing custom formulated powders to achieve the precise flavors of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla you desire. We also understand and respond to your custom specifications for color and mouth-feel.

Our eggnogs and chocolate drink powders can be custom formulated to suit your needs by our experienced R&D Department.


Is there a certain type of flour you’re looking for? Chances are we have it. Our experts can direct you to the right selection, with our wide variety of flours including hi-gluten, bread flour, spring wheat patent, hard winter wheat patent, H&R all purpose, hi-ratio cake, pastry, whole wheat and durum.


Constantly monitoring the cocoa market allows us to make smart purchasing decisions for the wide variety of cocoas we offer. They include natural, red alkalized, black, super red and organic versions of cocoa. We have the expertise to create accurate enhancements for your existing cocoa products. We can also develop new cocoa to meet your exact specifications.


We offer a wide variety of miscellaneous products including corn sweeteners, salt, pancake syrup, peanut butter, mustards, vinegars, molasses, tomato pastes and purees. We also offer dry dairy ingredients including nonfat dry milk, whey powder and dry egg products.

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