To run a successful dairy today, you need operational excellence, strong research & development and smart, strategic buying. We know, because our dedicated dairy team is out visiting dairies every day.

We work closely with

  • Purchasing executives to make sure they’ve got the best ingredient buys
  • Plant managers to ensure they have the most efficient, trouble-free process possible
  • Research and development teams to help you create the perfect formula, whether you’re enhancing an existing product or developing a new one


As a proud manufacturer of Dairy House® products, we also offer both dry blending and liquid processing to suit our dairy customers’ food and beverage needs.

Our technical expertise reflects decades of know-how in development, production and application for the food and beverage industries. And our experts are armed with state-of-the-art equipment. For example, with our MicroThermics® unit we can perform a wide range of indirect heating applications and steam injection, enabling us to characterize the performance of new ingredients, perform quality assurance of ingredient blends and flavors, and prepare samples.

Here’s a selection of products our customers frequently purchase:
Chocolate Dairy Powder, Milk Flavors, Chocolate Drink Powders, Eggnog, Food Grade Chemicals, Stabilizers, Vitamins, Cocoa, Sugar

Fluid Milk

Cultured Products

Ice Cream


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